The Human Factor


Looking Glass HF is an independent Human Factors consultancy specializing in optimizing how people interact with technology. We are a small sized 'boutique' independent consultancy which allows us to maintain close and long-term working relationships with our clients.


We offer Human Factors support across all phases of system development and procurement by understanding how we think and act under pressure and stress, and why we sometimes make errors of judgment or lapses of attention when engaged in our work.


As leaders in the field of Human Factors, Looking Glass is uniquely positioned to support acquisition, capability management, and technology programs to design new systems and capabilities that optimize and enhance human-system performance.

Our Publications

Looking Glass has pioneered the use of augmented reality technologies within Human Factors consulting to support the design of workstation and workspace concepts. Our ALICE iPad application uses augmented reality to superimpose computer-generated 3D models of device and workstation components on to the iPad's live camera view.

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